Daycon’s founding principles are still driving our company’s growth today.

Daycon, founded by David Cohen in 1942, was built on three basic principles that hold true today. First, we are dedicated to customer service at all levels throughout our organization. Second, we are committed to integrity and respect for our employees and clients. Third, we maintain our social responsibility to the millions of consumers who occupy or visit buildings that are cleaned and maintained using Daycon products, equipment and value-added services.

Over the past decade, the cleaning industry has become increasingly aware of its social responsibility to develop products and practices that protect heath and the environment. In recent years, Daycon has emerged as an industry leader in sustainability and health through a multi-faceted approach to fostering innovation and the adoption of best practices:

  • The Building Wellness Institute, established by Daycon in 2005, provides training, assessment and consulting services in healthy and sustainable cleaning practices.
  • Our New Dawn Manufacturing team focuses on the research and development of next-generation, environmentally responsible, cleaning formulations. We are proud of the relationships we have cultivated with the US E.P.A., USGBC and Green Seal. We currently have 23 products that are certified by Green Seal and look to add many more in the future.
  • Recognizing the importance of industry collaboration and public education, we recently created the Healthful Buildings Partnership, a coalition of building owners and managers dedicated to maintaining and promoting the highest standards for protecting health and the environment.

We are committed to continuing to honor our history and our mission by delivering the greatest possible value to our customers and society at large for many years to come.