ENTRYWAY MATS: Your 1st Line of Defense

Properly functioning mats can trap up to 80% of dirt and moisture at the entrance.

The start of Spring means thorough spring cleaning for many facilities and an assessment and reinvestment into floors and carpet. Winter weather reaps havoc on these surfaces- why clean and replace these surfaces, at great expense, only to have to repeat the same activity the following year?

Entrance matting is your first line of defense in reducing costly damage to floors and carpet, as well as making your facility safer for occupants and visitors.

Did you know?

Studies show that on average 1000 people will track 10kg of dirt into a building every month. It costs $1,300.00 to remove one (1) kg of dirt from a building (University of Alberta‐Case Study 5 1990 ) . In addition, it is estimated that 85% of tracked-in matter and soil is deposited in carpeting. The first tracked- in matter and soil enters during the first 2 or 3 steps into the entrance (Protecting the Built Environment: Cleaning for Health; Dr. Michael A. Berry 1993 ). Therefore, six to ten feet of quality entryway matting will capture a significant amount of dirt before it is able to contaminate other spaces in the building.

Think of the money you will save in the time and labor it takes to deep clean carpets, refurbish floors or replace those surfaces in your facility. Additionally, floor mats are one of the best ways to reduce your risk to slip/fall accidents.

Need more info? Watch this video from the Andersen Company.

Please contact your Daycon Sales Consultant for more information and to schedule an on-site visit to help with mat selection and measurement. It’s that easy!