Course Descriptions

Cleaning & Maintenance Technique

Carpet Care – Having trouble with stains and spotting? Want to learn the best ways to treat your carpet without damaging it? This seminar helps you develop and maintain an appropriate carpet maintenance program. Covers all the basics and more, from vacuuming and wet extraction to tough stain treatment.

Resilient Floor Care – Learn how to obtain consistent, beautiful results every time. Learn how to develop a floor care program that provides desired results. From stripping to burnishing, we will address both conventional and high-speed systems.

Restroom Care – Designed for contract cleaners, in-house cleaning staff, cleaning supervisors and managers, this seminar covers new technology and tried-and-true methods and tools for cleaner and healthier restrooms.

Safety in the Field – Help keep your customers and employees safe and avoid costly consequences as a result of unsafe work practices. This program provides practical advice on personal protective equipment, lock out/tag out, MSDS, and other issues that influence employees at the field level.

Stone & Marble Care – Stone floors require unique care methods in order to avoid costly damage. This seminar will educate you on the identification of stone surfaces and finishes, as well as their specific maintenance requirements. Ceramic tile maintenance is also discussed.

Wood Floor Care – Don’t be caught unprepared when it comes to wood floor care! Wood surfaces require unique care methods in order to avoid costly damage. This seminar will educate you on routine maintenance and revitalizing and restoring wood surfaces, including sanding and sealing.

Cleaning & Maintenance Management

Supervisory Training – Attendees will explore basic management principles including listening skills, communication and time management. Key topics include the role of the supervisor in the workplace, effective delegation, and ways to reinforce positive behaviors in employees.

Team Cleaning – Growing in popularity, Team Cleaning is an effective choice for many cleaning professionals. This is a concept created by Pro-Team® to help cleaners develop systematic cleaning techniques and effective training and supervisory methods. Team Cleaning can reduce labor inefficiencies, increase financial savings and provide guidelines for making further improvements in your cleaning program.

Team Building – The key to a more productive workforce is engagement. This program presents proven strategies for getting your supervisors and staff more engaged to build their confidence, develop a greater sense of purpose and responsibility, and improve team collaboration and problems solving.

Customer Care – How effective are your teams at communication with–and solving problems for–the occupants of the facilities you manage? This program provides a comprehensive framework you can use to develop, measure and manage a more effective customer care program.

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