Our Approach

Daycon provides basic and advanced skills training that incorporate best practices and sustainability goals. If you desire more advanced training, we also provide employee development courses, custom courses, and certified training for the Green SealTM GS-42 professional cleaning standard. Additionally, we offer free assessments of your training program and your staff’s training needs.

A Staff Training Needs Assessment can help you identify:

  • Critical skills deficiencies that may be causing your staff to spend too much time on routine tasks and operations
  • Knowledge gaps among supervisors and staff in cleaning to protect health and the environment
  • New strategies for organizing maintenance routines to improve productivity
  • Training programs to help make every member of your team more effective

Assistance with set up and documentation of your program is also available.

 Click here for a list of class descriptions offered.

*Note: Custom courses at your facility or ours, requires attendance of at least 15 people. Ask your sales representative for more details.