Daycon Integrated Services

Daycon Integrated Services Multi-Housing Solutions

This program was developed to address a need to better service property managers and multi-housing facilities. Built on the same concept as Vendor Managed Inventory, Daycon Integrated Services is a program that provides detailed inventory maintenance and product sourcing for property management staff. A look into a DISC maintained work shop reveals a highly organized system of shelving units, product bins, and safety stations. Our Field Service Representatives keep your shelves stocked with the right product when you need it. If we don’t carry the product, we will source it for you- providing a “one stop” shop convenience. This program reduces time and labor costs and improves satisfaction among your customers (residents and visitors). Our offerings include hardware, plumbing & HVAC supplies, building materials, cabinetry, appliances, lamps, lighting & electrical supplies, pest control, and more. Visit for more information.